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God Scent Fishing


God Scent Fishing is a Veteran-owned company that employs retired veterans. We have developed an amazing product! Our fishing scents are easy to apply, one application will last all day, they will not mess up or stink up your boat and clothes, our scents are environmentally friendly, and… They Work! Our proprietary God Scent Fishing scents come in an easy-to-use “chapstick type” tube; pull the cap off, twist the bottom and rub the scent on your lures, soft baits, spinners, and/or flashes. Even if you doubt the effectiveness of scents, you should be using something to cover up the scent you leave on your tackle when you handle it. But we are convinced that once you try our scents, the fish won't be the only ones hooked on them.

We also offer our scents incorporated into soft baits. Our soft baits come in different colors, or you can order custom colors. We have three different sizes of eggs, soft worms, and egg sacks.

Everyone on our team fishes, and several are fishing guides. We make custom trolling and casting lures, wobblers, and plugs; everything is hand painted and Made in the USA by Americans. No two lures will be exactly alike, but all our lure designs have been tested, and they work. Of course, they work much better with some of our God Scent Fishing scent rubbed onto them. Just like the soft baits, if you need a specific design or color combination, we will be happy to make that for you.

The boys have also created the “A-Luring” line of earrings for you or your significant other. Designed out of necessity to keep our significant others happy, these hook-less fishing lure earrings are growing very rapidly in popularity. We have set designs and will be making seasonal options for the woman who loves to fish or is with someone that does. Follow us on our God Scent Fishing FaceBook page for updated product information, videos and sales.

Thank you, and Happy Hooking!
The Boys at God Scent Fishing

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