Sugar-Free & Corn Syrup-Free Jams & Sauces

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BBQ & Mustard Sauces - Bacon Jams - Cold Brew Pouches- Southwest Mesquite Rubs
Honke's was created in Tea, South Dakota, by Chef Tyler Honke. Being in the manufacturing business, Tyler saw firsthand just how much sugar and corn syrup (more sugar) was added to some of the most popular brands of BBQ sauces. Being a father of two, he quickly realized he wanted a good option for families like his that didn't want all the added sugars in his family's diet.

That's when Honke's Chipotle Moppin Sauce was born! Since then, several items have been added to the Honke Brands; Honke's Mustard Paint, Doc's All Purpose Grilling Spice, Southwestern Mesquite Rub, Big Pig Sauce, and the odd man out, Honke's Cold Brew!