Icey-Tek USA

The Classic Ice Chest That Started An Industry

  • Veteran Owned

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Icey-Tek USA is a veteran-owned and operated business.

The ICEY-TEK cooler brand was originally conceived in Australia in the late 1980s by three avid outdoorsmen who saw there was a market for a rugged roto-molded polyethylene icebox that had the same ice retention capabilities as a fiberglass icebox.

The two top goals of ICEY-TEK USA are:

  • Grow sales and create jobs by introducing more people to the superior, dollar-for-dollar value represented by ICEY-TEK brand coolers
  • Allocate a portion of every sale to support military veterans through vetted organizations, programs and activities.

The quality and performance of ICEY-TEK coolers are evidenced by the customers who use them. NASA chose ICEY-TEK to transport temperature-sensitive space shuttle components. Arctic exploration companies have used them to test freezing conditions on critical equipment. Commercial fishermen use them for their large capacity and durable construction, and caterers use them for their ability to keep items both cold and warm.