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Innovative Marine Group's mission is to develop, source and offer unique, high-quality marine gear to boating enthusiasts. Our primary goal is to assemble and introduce these products to an underserved market, with a keen eye on developing products that currently do not exist. Our scope of product offerings will be that of a select few to prevent an overwhelming effect on our customers and to prevent dilution of product worth. We understand that our foundation for success is built upon the highest levels of customer service, satisfaction, and quality product offerings.

Co-Owners Nicole and Kevin Murray are both veterans residing in Westport, Massachusetts on Buzzards Bay. They have spent the majority of their adult lives boating. While enjoying the boating lifestyle a common theme, 'there's got to be a better way to do this' always occurred regarding the many utility aspects of boating. This recurring theme made them realize that other boaters were more than likely to have many of these same moments, and since no products were readily available to address these needs led them to embark on their first product creation approximately eight years ago. This first foray into marine product development was AnchorSuit. Utilizing their combined 50 years of professional sales, marketing and engineering experience, AnchorSuit was conceived, designed, and patented as a smart and practical way to safely store an on-board secondary or storm anchor. As the AnchorSuit gained popularity, its utility and application went way beyond its intended use and is now becoming become a widely accepted unique anchor storage solution.

With the success of AnchorSuit, and consistent demands for other new products, they took note and realized that there was a gap of providers offering only the newest, most unique and practical boating gear, and with this realization, they founded Innovative Marine Group to fill that gap.