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Kelly Naturals


Essential oils and other all natural products from Kelly Naturals!

Essential oils and other all natural products from Kelly Naturals I grew up surrounded by nature in Northern California and have been a rock-hound all my life! My career in the Air Force brought me to Tucson, Arizona. During my time in the desert, the spark for rock collecting started again. I loved attending the Tucson Gem Show annually, which increased my love of rocks and gemstones!

Thus, Kelly Naturals was born – with products derived from nature with only the best ingredients in mind. My journey is to help men and women strive for a healthy lifestyle – with the best intentions for complete wellness in all my products. At Kelly Naturals, we are passionate about Nature – how the power of plants, flowers, and trees can serve as a positive force for everyone, every day.
Essential oils and other all natural products from Kelly Naturals
Follow my shop and become inspired every day by what nature has to offer to heal and nurture our mind, soul, and body. All the items I make are unique to themselves; they will never be able to be reproduced the exact same way. Just as gemstones are unique in their own way, so too will your handcrafted item.

We've found that nature heals purely, organically, and holistically. My most sincere hope and desire is that these products I sell offer the same healing that nature has to offer. All the products offered on this site are unique, one of a kind, and, most importantly, made with love. I want you to enjoy these natural products as much as I enjoy making them!

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