Levendi Winery

Multi-Generational Legacy of Premium Napa Valley Wine

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Cabernet Sauvignon - Symphonia Red Blend - Merlot - Chardonnay - Sauvignon Blanc - Rosé of Pinot Noir

Levendi Winery is a charming boutique winery located in Napa Valley that has earned a reputation for producing exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon. The name "Levendi" is derived from a Greek toast that honors hard work and celebrates the natural elements that nurture the grapes. This philosophy is at the heart of the winery's approach to winemaking, and they strive to create wines that are a toast to life itself.

The Levendi family's Mediterranean heritage has instilled in them a deep appreciation for the art of celebration, which often involves good food and wine shared with loved ones. It was around the family table that the idea for Levendi Winery was born, fueled by a desire to create something special and unique. This spirit of celebration is evident throughout the winery's vineyards, facilities, and every bottle of wine they produce. The Levendi legacy is a testament to the family's commitment to excellence and their passion for crafting exceptional wines that bring people together.