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All-Natural Grooming Products & Apparel Handmade by American Patriots!

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Full Line of Grooming Products - Branded Apparel & Gear

American-made personal care products from Lox and Company!

Lox and Company, LTD is a veteran-owned company run by patriots. We specialize in making all-natural grooming products made by hand in small batches. We also offer a wide variety of merchandise and apparel that are unique and tailored to the American patriot who doesn’t back down and never quits. Lox was founded a short while ago, in 2016, by a man we call “The Godfather” (but you can call him Dave if you prefer). Dave spent ten years in the Department of Corrections before going full-time with Lox.

He also spent 15 years serving in the United States Air Force, including four deployments overseas, until he was forced out of service for refusing the vaccine. We are all inspired by his courage to stand for his freedoms (and every American’s freedoms) against an authoritarian government.

We have something for everyone here at Lox: hair care, beard care, skin care, candles, graphic tees, flannels, hats, and so much more. We hope you consider hopping aboard the Lox Train as we run full steam ahead.

Thanks for stopping by, and God bless America!