Master Yogi

All-Natural Flavored Syrups

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Ninja Sauces in Various Delicious Flavors - Ninja Wafers

A variety of all-natural flavored wafers and syrups American made by Master Yogi!

Master Yogi is a family company that believes in family values. It was founded by Nana, a mother and grandmother, who was on a mission for the family, especially her Grandz, to eat clean, quality foods.

Just note: We do not gunk with junk.

We believe in integrity and want our products to reflect our dedication by using the finest ingredients and the simplest recipes. We do not use preservatives or artificial flavors, or colors. We handcraft all our products in small batches to keep the superior taste of our foods.

Master Yogi started by creating awesome extracts. From these all-natural flavors, wafers and syrups emerged. Ninja Sauces are flavored syrups that go great on yogurt, ice cream, and pancakes. Kids love the flavor. Moms love the ingredients. Check out Master Yogi’s website. She is a chef, an educator, and a children’s comic book writer as well. She also designs food shirts for Growing Communities. Education is key to a successful future, and Master Yogi firmly believes it takes a village.

Master Yogi has a blog, MY Culture Clubhouse, that will be helpful for parents as well. Educating children about what is good for them is the drive behind Master Yogi. She likes to dance and sing when teaching the children, and of course, in the series Master Yogi & the Ferminators, the Grandz help as well.

And note, sneaking goodness in every bite is the Master Yogi way.