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Gourmet Chocolate Products in a Variety of Delicious Flavors
How it all began... Many years ago, the tantalizing aroma of warm Belgian chocolate wafted from an open kitchen in a small town in Georgia, deep in the heart of Southern hospitality... Graffiti was scrawled all over the walls. Yet, at a closer look, the graffiti was actually recipes filled with fine ingredients from all over the world including Saigon cinnamon, Mexican chipotle chilies, Cape Cod cranberries, Himalayan sea salt, and Georgia pecans.

According to the animals in this very special zoo, each came up with a personal favorite chocolate recipe. While each recipe would bear its animal originator's name, as a special tribute to man's best friend, all the animals agreed that their recipes would be Bark—unique, flavor-driven chocolate barks that everyone would love and everyone would love to share with others as an anytime perfect chocolate gift. Soon, a collection of distinctive chocolate barks tempered with Southern hospitality was created. Everyone smiled with delight upon tasting the animals' extraordinary chocolate barks.

So the animals in the trees, on the ground, in the seas, and all around escaped into our kitchen and our hearts forever. This is how Graffiti Zoo's famous namesake animal chocolate bark was born... Enjoy the stories behind the animals' recipes on every box as you honor the conservation of America's zoos and aquariums with every whimsical and wondrous flavor-driven chocolate bark purchase. (A portion of profits are donated to the Conservation Grants Fund of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.)

In keeping with its Southern roots, the Graffiti Zoo kitchen is located on the Space Coast in Central Florida. Zookeeper Sendie enjoys keeping the animals in check in the kitchen while taking inspiration from the salty sea air.