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World's Most Reliable Brass Case & Portfolio of Highly Accurate Ammunition

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The world’s most reliable brass case and a portfolio of highly accurate, precisely engineered projectiles from Norma Precision!

Known for its endless forests and untouched wilderness, Sweden is a sportsman’s paradise. Rich in moose, deer, and many other small game species, Sweden’s unbridled landscape has the inspiration for ammunition development and manufacturing. Located in the small town of Åmotfors, near the Norwegian border, Norma meticulously designed and manufactured ammunition with world-leading standards for 120 years.

Norma’s team of engineers and product designers are dedicated to providing a better solution for the sportsman. The first example of this happened when Karl Wang, Norma’s ballistic engineer, developed a process in which the bullet was given a “tail” with a small angle known today as a boat tail. This process provided Norma the secret to an accurate bullet and an advantage over our competitors.

Our passion for product design and development make the Norma name synonymous with innovation and exceptional performance, regardless of shooting discipline. The match shooting arena is dominated by the 6mm Norma BR (Bench Rest), followed by the highly accurate Norma 6XC caliber. The 6.5-284 Norma is one of the first long-range cartridges with both military sniper and hunting applications. The 7×61 mm Sharpe & Hart, .308 Norma Magnum, and .358 Norma Magnum are all well-known magnum cartridges developed by Norma; later followed by the .300 Norma Magnum and the .338 Norma Magnum.

Today, Norma produces the world’s most reliable brass case and a portfolio of highly accurate, precisely engineered projectiles that cover a wide variety of usage cases in both hunting and shooting. Norma also expanded into new ammunition categories such as rimfire, pistol, revolver and airgun, all produced with the same attention to precision and quality that Norma is known for. For avid hunters and shooters alike, who demand exceptional performance and consistent reliability, Norma offers everything you need. Now, it’s up to you.