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Beard Oil - All-in-One Balm - Styling Pomade - Beard Butter - Beard Wash

High-quality beard care products American made by veteran-owned Northmen Beard Company!

Northmen Beard Company is a Veteran-owned business operating out of Tucson, AZ, for the last five years. Our goal is to provide the best quality product for a reasonable price and to ensure that no beard comes between you and your ball and chain. We want your beard to be the softest and strongest it has ever been.

Many times people have come up to me and asked, “How do I grow a beard like yours?" I tell them one is determination and two is a 'No Quit' attitude. Basically, you need to not give a shit about what people think or say and just grow and be you. So if your beard is itchy, dry, brittle, or rough, trust me, after using our product, you will have the results you have been looking for.

We here at Northmen live by the words Tough Don't Have To Be Rough.

Oftentimes I tell customers that this company started on a bet. The bet was if I could make my beard soft, I could keep it. So I tried the crap you can get from Walmart and Walgreens, and nothing worked. I tried a few name brands online, and I talked to the big guys, and theirs gave me negligible results. So I came up with my own formula, and it worked so well that my wife told me to make it a business — now, five years later, here we are. So if you're looking for the best tool for the job, then we're your brand!