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Beautifully Handcrafted Glass & Wooden Jewelry

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Beautifully crafted glass and wooden pieces from Puddled Glass Jewelry!

Puddled Glass Jewelry specializes in fused dichroic glass jewelry art and laser-engraved/hand-painted wooden jewelry. The dichroic glass has very vibrant colors. This is due to NASA’s revitalization of the production of dichroic glass in the 1950s and 1960s as a means of protecting its astronauts. The glass is composed of multiple layers of colored metal, which gives it a brilliant and reflective quality while protecting the astronauts from the harmful rays of the sun. Who knew that jewelry could be linked to the USA’s space history?

With that said, the creation of each piece of jewelry is painstakingly undertaken by the artist from start to finish. The process of creating each piece starts by choosing all glass colors and textures, placing the pieces into a formal design, covering the design with clear glass, and then fusing it in the kiln. The next day each piece is cut and ground into the desired shapes. Hours later, the pieces fuse again in the kiln and come out shiny and smooth. All are unique.

The custom pieces can be created by using a laser on the glass. The wooden jewelry is also designed and lasered for each customer. Pieces can be created for honorary purposes, weddings, anniversaries, or any type of gift.

Puddled Glass Jewelry is my passion. My success is due to hard work and a belief in God, family, and our country. I am the granddaughter of two World War II veterans, a die-hard patriot, and a baby boomer to boot! All pieces are hand-crafted in the United States of America solely by me, and I would love to create something memorable for you.

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