Alcohol-Free Skin Sanitizer

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Hand Sanitizer

Non-Alcohol Odorless Sanitizer from SEAL-D!

Pronounced “Sealed," this advanced non-alcohol sanitizer is unlike any other hand sanitizer allowed by the FDA. In fact, it’s the only independent lab-tested skin sanitizer with extended persistence against pathogens, more commonly known as germs.

The name SEAL-D reflects its 3 most powerful properties (1) Safe to use on all skin surfaces and all ages; (2) Effective against a broad range of harmful even deadly germs; and (3) persistent against germs All-Day (24-hours or more). These test results are on our website.

There’s more. Unlike alcohol, SEAL-D is also non-flammable and odorless. It also soothes the skin with repeated use and will not sting when put on cuts or scrapes. It can withstand repeated hand washings and even be applied inside of cloth face masks to continuously kill germs even after multiple washings. And SEAL-D is less expensive to use than alcohol, about 10 cents per application. Compare that with the cost of alcohol, which would have to be reapplied every few minutes.

SEAL-D was developed as a result of the death of the founder’s mother in 2007 from Clostridium Difficile (C.diff), a deadly bacterium that primarily infects the elderly and the very young. According to the CDC, approximately 450,000 contract C.diff every year, causing nearly 30,000 deaths. Alcohol sanitizer cannot kill this deadly bacterium, yet SEAL-D kills 99.9999% within the first minute. Furthermore, independent lab tests confirmed that SEAL-D kills many other harmful pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, and fungus by a unique non-chemical method that is both safe and highly effective over many hours.

So please click on the link to learn more about this remarkable product and how it can benefit you and your families. There is only one SEAL-D… Patriot-owned. FDA-registered. Made in America. Sold at Mammoth Nation.