Shave Secret

100% Natural Cold-Pressed Shave Oil

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Shave Secret - Shave Secret Deluxe

The Best Shave Ever!

Shave Secret shaving oil is 100% natural cold-pressed seed and nut oils (no peanut), essential oils, Rx grade menthol, vanilla oil blended into a proprietary formula. It is non-comedogenic, non-GMO, gluten-free, contains no preservatives or artificial ingredients. No animal testing. Shave Secret is designed to take the place of all shaving soaps, creams, gels and powders.

Shave Secret reduces or eliminates shaving irritations for men and women of ALL ethnic backgrounds including ingrown hairs, red and irritated skin, shaving bumps, rashes, nicks and cuts. It moisturizes, conditions and cleans the skin without alcohol, soaps, salts, mineral oils or lanolin.

We pioneered the use of shaving oil in the USA starting in 1991. It has always been 100% American-made. For over 25 years produced by our special needs partners, who are all American too! We all appreciate your support!