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Why Sierra Gold?

At Sierra Gold®, we stand by our motto of "it's about the horse...™" and we don't cut corners when it comes to quality. You want to feed them the best you can afford, and we make the best affordable.

Sierra Gold® products are carefully made, by us, in small batches to ensure quality control and always come to you fresh and without any preservatives. We source only the highest quality ingredients that deliver top-quality products with consistent results that you can count on.

With so many supplements to choose from, how can a horse owner choose the right one for their horse? It's really pretty easy. We have taken the time to break down each of the major brands to what is in one ounce according to the manufacturer's guaranteed analysis. Then we placed them side by side with the comparable Sierra Gold® product so that you can see for yourself which is best. Many people are amazed at the difference and end up buying Sierra Gold® over what they were currently feeding.

If you have questions about what you are feeding or would like a custom ration formulated for your horse, give us a call!