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Honey - Gifts - Candles - Skincare
Our story begins as busy moms and wives, loving the process of being creative and natural in managing our homes. We enjoyed gardening, raising honey bees and chickens, and creating chemical-free products for our families.

Through this process, we began to discover the wonderful benefits of beeswax for the skin and lips. Soon, we created our very first tube of lip balm, and Sister Bees has continued to grow from there.

It started simply, with clean ingredients and hard work. We now have the opportunity to create products that are all inspired by the bee. Beeswax candles, honey, "Save the Bees" t-shirts and more are all part of our collection.

Our faith is foremost, our family is dear, and creating products for you and others is “bee-autiful!”

From our hive to your home.