Slappy's Soaps

All-Natural Manly Skincare

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Soaps - Candles - Deodorant
Slappy's products include all-natural soaps, candles, scrubs, shave butters, face masks, beard oils, solid colognes, face and body mists, lotions, and much more.

Our all-natural scented products must be used with caution. These clean-smelling manly masterpieces have been known to spark the war cries of our Constitutional Republic and invoke an overwhelming feeling of manliness and freedom to all who use them; please use them responsibly.

Slappy's products and packaging are 100% USA-made. All products are made in small batches with all-natural or organic ingredients. We have no investors and no board members wanting profit over quality. Just us, bringing you the highest-quality made-in-the-USA products with the lowest footprint possible for the best price.