Terrestrial Sauce and Spice Company

Terrestrial Sauce and Spice Company

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Terrestrial Sauce and Spice


Flavorful sauces made with all natural ingredients in North Carolina by Terrestrial Sauce and Spice!

Flavorful sauces from Terrestrial Sauce and Spice We are a husband-and-wife team living in the heart of the Piedmont-Triad area in North Carolina. As wineries continue to thrive in this region, we wanted to celebrate the goodness of the Carolinas in a different way.

Terrestrial Sauce & Spice Company creates small batch barrel-aged pepper sauces, mustards and other flavorsome products that highlight the rich variety of produce the Carolinas have to offer.

Delicious American made mustard from Terrestrial Sauce and Spice Our specialty mustards include a bold, tangy, award-winning bourbon barrel aged mustard, an English-style hot mustard and a rich and toasty coffee- barrel- aged mustard.

We have a variety of pepper sauces made with Cayenne, roasted Habanero, Ghost peppers and more. Whether you like it mild, spicy, or blazing hot, we have the sauce for you!

Our mission has always been to source the finest quality ingredients supporting our local farmers and other small businesses to bring the “farm-to-bottle” experience to you.

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