The Beekeeper's Basket

Soaps & Skin Nourishing Goods Inspired by the Love of Honeybees

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Honeybee Butter Soaps - Glycerin Soaps - Kitchen Soaps - Soap on a Rope - Body Lotions - Handy Bee Hand Balm - Lip Balms

The Beekeeper's Basket is the little shop for bees! Inspired by the love of the amazing honeybee! With a 5-star rating, over 10,000 sales and more than 100 products to nourish your skin.

We're a local, small business offering a variety of handmade bee-related goods such as honeybee glycerin soap, creamy butter soaps, moisturizing beeswax skin balms, hydrating lotions, and fan-favorite gift sets.

All goods are made with wholesome ingredients meant to hydrate skin and are made in small batches. We are licensed by the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection. Our promise to you is that we provide quality products and are proud to have our process inspected!

We THANK YOU for supporting our small business and the efforts towards honeybee research and helping our veterans.