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High-quality apparel with a mission from THEYGOTYOUR6!

THEYGOTYOUR6 was established in 2016 by 3 Veterans with the goal to serve the needs of Veterans, First Responders, and their families. Today, THEYGOTYOUR6 is still serving our community with the THEYGOTYOUR6 Foundation. THEYGOTYOUR6 Apparel is located in Quitman, Texas. We are proudly Veteran Owned and operated.

What started off in a small church, has now become a staple in our community for Veterans, First Responders, and their family members. From our store front, we provide food, clothing, hygiene items, and financial assistance to those families that are in need in the East Texas area. We live by our motto “Giving Back To Those Who Give The Most.” We hold bi-weekly group meetings that serve 150 Veterans, First Responders, and their family members in our community.

THEYGOTYOUR6 Apparel has spread across the state of Texas like wildfire. 

Further proving that patriotism for our Country, and support for the men and women that serve her is alive and well. We now ship all over the United States. We make every shirt and item we sell here in our community.

Our products are all American made by Veterans and First Responders. Our pride and our work ethic show in everything that ships out of our door. 

American-Made Apparel For Patriotic Americans.