WiFi on Steroids GenX Mega Booster

Portable WiFi Booster

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WiFi Booster
Boost your WiFi to the next level with WiFi on Steroids (GenX Mega Booster)

Factory rated up to 500 meters - 1,640 feet

Retail price $59.95

The New Generation of WiFi Devices: Our advanced designed device, which is #1 in the industry, will boost your WiFi in any room where you have a weak or unsatisfactory signal. It repeats and then amplifies your router signal in places not close to your router with a continued reliable signal.

Secure and Safe: Supports WEP, WPA/WPA2, WPA-PAK/WPA2-PSK Encryptions so your connection stays safe and secure.

Free WiFi Hotspots: Specifically designed to connect to any free WiFi at campgrounds, truck stops, hotels/motels, college dorms, shopping centers, and more. WiFi on Steroids was born out of necessity for people who travel but need to stay connected anytime and anyplace. Weak free WiFi signals are now a thing of the past, with WiFi on steroids. Our name says it all!

Customer Support: We provide written instructions you can understand, as well as online video instructions. We also provide telephone support with a live tech support technician so you can be sure to get connected. Our customer support is available Monday - Saturday, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. EST.

This device will do the following:

  • Allow streaming movies with NO waffling interruption.
  • Connect to and boost any FREE WiFi or home WiFi signal.
  • Connect to any phone Hotspot or WiFi Jetpack.
  • Travels with you and connects at any truck stop, campground, or hotel/motel.
  •   Boost WiFi phone calls when the cell signal is weak and ineffective - just turn on WiFi Calling. Just plug WiFi on Steroids into any wall outlet and connect wirelessly to your home router or campground hot spot.