AL Offroad Products - TRAILGATE

AL Offroad Products - TRAILGATE

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AL Offroad Products - TRAILGATE


Find the right roof racks for your next adventure or transform your tailgate into a usable surface with The TRAILGATE from AL Offroad Products!

tailgate accessory TRAILGATE and roof racks from AL Offroad Products AL Offroad Products is a family-owned business. We are proud to be made in Texas (aka the USA).

Our flagship product is the TRAILGATE® The first tailgate insert with integrated cup holders (PATENT PENDING). It is made from plate aluminum and powder coated with a textured finish for traction.

It turns your tailgate into a usable surface. Our TRAILGATE® is designed for the everyday truck guy, construction worker, tailgater, weekend campers, and hunter.
tailgate accessory TRAILGATE and roof racks from AL Offroad Products
The TRAILGATE® has multiple functions like transforming your tailgate into a flat workbench or table.

The cup holders keep your drink safe from spilling and are great for holding bolts for your weekend projects. Designed for recreation and adventure, the AL Offroad TRAILGATE® Panel turns your bumpy tailgate into a usable space for recreation and good times.

Engineered and manufactured with worry-free use in mind, we are ready to see what you use yours for!

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