Germ-Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser With Vehicle Mount

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Germ-Free Refillable Hand Sanitizer for Vehicles - Shopping Cart Wrap
Keep your hand sanitizer close by in your vehicle with Bact-Off!

Bact-Off, LLC started from very humble beginnings. We knew we had to stop cross-contamination of germs before Covid 19 even existed. After the pandemic, everyone realized the threat of cross-contamination!

We have patented a germ-free hand sanitizer dispenser for one's vehicle. Therefore stopping cross-contamination in their car. It's conveniently located and portable for passengers to stay clean as well. The dispenser itself has an anti-microbial additive that kills germs due to a chemical reaction with the silver ion in the additives.

It's Nasty Out There! Be prepared!
Bact-Off is proudly made in the USA!
When do you need sanitizer most?
It's when you're in unfamiliar places, but you can feel safe with Bact-Off in your vehicle!