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Puppies are one of those things that make you go "awwww" in a high-pitched, squealing voice mostly audible to, well, puppies. There are scientific studies showing the act of simply petting a dog lowers your blood pressure (and we'd like to know why we weren't invited to be a part of that focus group!). We use our own products on a daily basis, and most of our friends and family have been through more soothing sniff and application tests than they can count. We stand behind the effectiveness of our products because we initially started Blue Heeler Home Health for our own use.

All of our products are made with only therapeutic-grade essential oils distilled from high-quality crops. The term “therapeutic-grade” gets thrown around a lot to make some oils sound extra-fancy, but here's the scoop: we buy the best because we want our product to contain the best.

None of our products contain fragrance oil, nature identical oil, or perfume oil, which are to be avoided for any therapeutic purposes. All of our blends (for both diffusers and rollerball applications) are bottled in glass to preserve the integrity of the oils.

Our current products are intended for use in a diffuser or topically for humans ages 15 and up. All blends can be diffused around your pups: while some oils are safe to use topically on your pups, and even fewer on cats (because cats have to be difficult) our blends are suggested for non-topical uses for your pups.

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