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A Unique Holiday Adventure

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Christmas Book with Audio CD
Christmas in Idaho is more than just a Christmas story - it's a unique holiday adventure like no other!

With powerful imagery and symbolism, this lavishly bound award-winning book captures the true spirit of the season. Follow Idaho, a snowman come to life, as he embarks on an unforgettable journey to discover the wonders of Christmas. Along the way, he encounters enchanting characters, breathtaking landscapes, and profound spiritual lessons.

The art in the book showcases Downing's skills in capturing the mystery and melancholy of winter as well as the joy of Christmas, making it a beautiful and unique gift for the holiday season. Through this fantastical and thoughtful tale, the reader will gain mature insights and a newfound appreciation for the beauty and mystery of the holiday season.

If you enjoyed "A Christmas Carol" and were inspired by the works of C. S. Lewis, you are sure to love "Christmas in Idaho".

This keepsake book is beautifully illustrated and comes with an audiobook CD inside the back cover.