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Trump, Patriotic & Christian Products - Men's, Women's & Kid's Apparel - Leisurewear - Sportswear - Footwear - Caps, Hats & Beanies - Accessories
Our motto is simple - to be subtly bold with the coolest Christian clothing on the planet. Anyone can print a shirt with Christian text on it, but our products are carefully designed and tested to help engage conversations instead of just 'preaching' Jesus with your clothes.

The hidden JESUS design is what started this company. The design had a major impact on me as a child, and I knew it could also impact others. A lot of our apparel is made using the same 'negative space' design while giving it a fresh look and feel with several colors to choose from. Once someone 'sees' it, they will always see it. The world needs more personal interaction, especially during these times. We also continue to add other fun Christian, Patriotic, and Donald Trump designs to our site, so be sure to sign up for updates.

God Bless, and we truly appreciate your continued support!