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Craft Malts from Locally Grown Grains

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Malt - Wheat - Rye - Oats - Corn - Barley - Hops Pellets
AUTHENTIC AMERICAN FLOOR MALT - For the best American beer

CNC Malt is a family owned craft malthouse based in Western Pennsylvania, providing premium American craft malts to homebrewers, craft breweries, and craft distillers.

We offers a wide variety of base and specialty craft malts from locally grown grains, traditionally floor malted and meticulously crafted. From barley to other grains, all our malts are specially formulated and carefully crafted to help you create a wide range of memorable craft beverages, that everybody can enjoy.

Our craft malts range from a wide variety of base malts to specialty roasted and smoked malts, as well as other grains and heirloom varieties, all locally grown in Pennsylvania and traditionally floor malted in small batches to preserve the unique and complex flavor that will carry forward into the final beverages.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality and most flavorful craft malts so you can craft your best beer and spirits.

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Cheers and happy brewing!!

Saving American farms – one drink at a time!