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Spices (Private Pork, A-3, Blackened Ops, LZ Chicken, Son of a Fish, Chicago Prime & TacoBout it) - Apparel - Gift Cards


Save on high-quality spices and sauces while also supporting a great cause with CORSPICE LLC!

CORSPICE LLC founder Bill Domenz was a Marine stationed in South Korea in the early 90s. In an effort to ease his homesickness, he discovered that a unique combo of MREs tasted like his mom’s homemade chili. Soon a line formed around his tent for seconds. A chef was born.

Stateside and now a civilian, Bill started making his signature premium spice blends for his family and friends and the demand grew to the point of unsustainable. During Covid lockdown boredom, he and his wife Amber launched CORSPICE LLC as Bill's way of sharing his premium spices and sauces with the public and giving back to his military family.

A percentage of every sale goes to K-9s for Veterans who are committed to matching rescue dogs as comfort animals to PTSD and anxiety-prone veterans and first responders. CORSPICE premium spices and hot sauces are vegan, gluten-free, contain no MSG and are low in sodium.