D3Riffs Half Chaps

100% American-Made Leather Half Chaps

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High Tops - Cowboy Cut - Accessories
100% American-made protection from D3Riffs Half Chap.

D3Riffs are designed like no other half chap, spats, gaiters, or leather boot wraps on the market. Our patented design conforms to your foot and calf without the use of any elastic straps or substandard material – These half chaps are 100% leather.

We are very proud to say we've worked hard over the past several years to build a family-owned business focused on customer service with the highest quality production using ONLY 100% products and craftsmanship from the USA. D3Riffs are individually handcrafted using 5.5 oz top grain USA steer hide milled to a very strong yet comfortable leather that breaks in like an old baseball glove. They provide protection from the cold, wind, rain, brush, debris and heat with no uncomfortable binding or sagging as with leathers that are too stiff or of less quality. Our patented design prevents the leathers from falling down or stretching out and allows for a no gap fit around your boots.

Customize your D3Riffs to fit your calf size and height using our interchangeable and removable Knee Guards and 1” and 2” Calf Extenders. As we say, anyone fits in D3Riffs!

Our Warranty: We stand behind our work with a full 2-year warranty and a 30-day “Buy It and Try It” guarantee! Go ahead and give D3Riffs a call, email, or check our website. We look forward to assisting you in purchasing the best ( and last ) pair of half chaps you’ll ever own!

God Bless,

Tamara, Jake & Erin - Creators - D3Riffs