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Books Teaching Children Positive Truths About God

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What Do You See? What Does God See? - Freddie Fear Not - This Little Light of Mine Lantern

A family-owned company that began publishing children's books in 2014. Our first published book, "What Do You See? What Does God See?" became an award-winning book in 2016. The book uses the alphabet to teach children positive truths about how God sees them.

Our 2nd publishing was "Freddie Fear Not" in 2021. It is an illustrated story about a young boy named Freddie. He steps into a whole new way of seeing how God's love is the answer to overcoming fear. This is a great book for children around the ages of 4 to 9 years old. It is also available as an audiobook.

Our company began personalizing the kid's books with a message and the child's name. This opened a door for new business and laser-engraved personalized gifts. We carry the message of hope in God on our products. We are a growing company with selections for home decor and for the family. Many of our products can be customized and personalized, making a wonderful gift.