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American-Made Coins That Commemorate our 45th President

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American-made coins that commemorate our 45th President from Disme Coins!

My name is Byron, and I own Disme Coins, an American Made Company that commemorates the BIGLY moments of the Trump Presidency. Simply because I Stand with President Trump, I have been banned from Twitter, I have been locked out of FaceBook, PayPal has flagged me as High Risk, and Google will not approve most of my products for advertising. I am just one guy who puts quality American Made Products above everything else and is proud to show that small American Businesses can still thrive. All of my products are made in the USA and as long as I own Disme Coins, that will not change. My coins and picture frames are minted in Florida, my hard plastic capsules that protect each individual coin are made in Orange, CA, my wood displays come out of New York, all of my marketing material comes out of Texas, and I am based out of South Carolina.

Each round in my 45th Series is the highest quality Proof-Like Strike and comes with its own direct-fit hard plastic case capsule. Each one is limited to only 4,500 and comes with its own unique serial number right on the edge of the coin, is 1oz of .999 silver and commemorates an iconic moment of the Trump Presidency. Disme Coins is the only one that makes a line of collectible coins for the collector to enjoy. Please make sure to sign up for the newsletter and check back regularly so you don't miss out on any of the new coins coming soon.