Earthboard Music

Rail Powered & Magnetically Attached Pedalboard System

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Double or Single Row Earthboard
Clean, clear sound with the American-made Earthboard Pedalboard System from Earthboard Music! 

EARTHBOARD Music is a veteran-owned, USA-based company with the mission to innovate, create, and build true game-changing, first-to-market products that inspire and impress the music industry. Our flagship product, the EARTHBOARD Pedalboard System, does just that!

As gigging musicians, we are all too familiar with the hassles inherent in conventional pedalboards. We asked several effects pedal users what they disliked most about using their rigs. And here is what they told us:

 • “So many cables under and around my board is messy and cluttered.”
 • “I hate searching for wall outlets and extension cords.”
 • “There is nothing worse than a noisy hum from dirty power circuits.”
 • “Isolating power supplies and bricks take up space and add more weight.”
 • “If I want to change or rearrange my pedal lineup, I need half a day to do it.”
 • “The ripping sound of velcro is like fingernails on a chalkboard.”

With EARTHBOARD, you can isolate your sensitive pedals to keep your sound clean. You can connect multiple EARTHBOARDs with our LifeLine Tether and power all of them up with a single battery. You can change or rearrange your pedals on the fly. It is so portable you do not need to find outlets and extension cords – just walk out and place it on the floor. While many of our customers have purchased an EARTHBOARD logo case, some just carry it in a backpack. And when your gig or practice is over, you’ll enjoy a nice cold while everyone else is tearing down!