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Patriots who love America say GOWOKEURSELF!! This is a snarky website of printed "GoWokeURself" apparel and accessories to loudly and proudly tell it the way it is...

So the way we see it in today's world is... well... how should we put it?

We could either completely lose it — which is probably… no, definitely not a good idea. And act just like the utterly ridiculous, triggered, safe-space-seeking, self-absorbed, self-righteous, delusional, and misguided "sheeple "known as the LIBS... who constantly prop themselves up as somehow superior to us smelly shoppers.


We can laugh loudly at their stupidity and wear it with pride. We start by saying "GoWokeURself!!!" because we believe that personal responsibility is kind of important.

Then we can speak a little louder and say "GoWokeURself!!!" because America First is par for the course since... umm, news flash… we’re Americans. And yeah, then we can raise our voices even more and say "GoWokeURself!!!" because we believe that not teaching our children the wrong things is a good thing.

Then we can shout "GoWokeURself!!!" because we believe that thinking your viewpoint is so damn righteous and relevant that it entitles you to cancel someone else is totally pathetic.

Then we could yell "GoWokeURself!!!" because we believe that our right to bear arms is the exact reason we’ve made it this far, and the precise reason that America will always be the greatest nation on earth!

Bottom line: GOWOKEURSELF!!!

For virtually everything we see everyday in this alter reality where it feels like we’re just waiting for someone to wake us up out of this absurd "woke nightmare". But, hey... while we’re living through this nightmare we might as well look good doing it right?

Patriots who love America Say GOWOKEURSELF!!!

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