High Noon Holsters

High Noon Holsters

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High Noon Holsters


We have been making custom holsters since 1997.

All of our holsters are made right here in the USA - custom fit just for you. We specialize in Leather holsters, Kydex holsters, and Hybrid holsters.

We also manufacture magazine carriers as well as gun belts.

What makes us unique is that you decide which holster is best for you. Whether it is a Leather holster, a Kydex holster, or a Hybrid holster, you choose the color and design.

Whether you want a straight-drop holster or canted holster, you decide. Inside the waistband (IWB) or outside the waistband (OWB), a high-ride holster or a low-ride holster, you decide. We support over 350 different handguns and we make every holster custom fit to your handgun.

Give us a try! We hand-make the best gear on the planet!

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