Hold Fast by Kerusso

Hold Fast by Kerusso

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Hold Fast by Kerusso


Hold Fast means continuing to believe in or adhere to an idea or principle. America has never been more focused on the values that the country was founded on. Those values of faith, family, and freedom – are the things that make America an incredible nation.

Hold Fast is for patriots who…

Have faith in God. Each day they trust God to guide their decisions and sustain them through everything life throws at them. They aren’t looking to build a reputation for themselves but want to point people towards their Savior.

Lead their family by modeling honor, respect, and sacrifice. They are providers and protectors. And they aren’t ashamed to embrace traditional family values.

Honor those who have fought to preserve freedom. The documents that America's founding fathers penned are dear to their hearts. They believe the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are key to maintaining a free and successful country.

Have a strong work ethic and rugged individualism. They won’t back down from hard work and may even scoff a little at those who do.

Proudly stand with their cap over their heart when the national anthem plays. And they don’t mind, respectfully, telling anyone what they believe by wearing it on their chest.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a patriot who holds fast to what you believe, and we’re here to support you with products that reflect your values.

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