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Free Hyper-Sensitive Skin with Creamy Pure G.O.A.T Milk Body Care

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High-quality skincare products made with organic ingredients from Honey Sweetie Acres!

Our mission is to bring natural, healthy, sustainable skin care products to those who need them. We believe in goat milk products and the therapeutic use of essential oils. We seek out and encourage those with skin issues to talk to us, try our products and give us continuing feedback. We are motivated to help all consumers avoid chemically laden skin care products.

We use the very best raw and certified organic ingredients available on the market today. We leverage our chemistry knowledge to formulate skin-safe products. Many products are based in the use of highly moisturizing goat milk with skin-loving enzymes and lipoproteins. Others are therapeutically formulated using premium essential oils. With a Level 2 Certified Aromatherapist on staff, her knowledge of skin anatomy and function contributes to impressive results for customers. Our other professional certifications include Certified Humane in the care of our milk-producing goats, Leaping Bunny Approved using only cruelty-free suppliers, and Environmental Working Group Verification on all our Unscented Soaps. 

We voluntarily engage in product testing, offering complete transparency, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is possible to improve and find comfort in your skin using our products. Read our reviews to see the stories of skin improvement and contact us with questions at any time!