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Icecube Herbals


High quality herbal tinctures from Icecube Herbals!

High quality herbal tinctures from Icecube Herbals Icecube Enterprises was created in 1997 as an internet based business. Our store is now located in downtown Remer, Minnesota, about 2 hours South of the Canadian border. Our area is surrounded by pristine lakes, pine and birch forests.

High quality herbal tinctures from Icecube Herbals In 2011, we learned about the amazing healing properties of the Chaga mushroom and began harvesting and selling it. Chaga has been used for thousands of years to provide overall better health and is an excellent source of antioxidants.

We are now one of the largest professional wild Chaga operations in Minnesota - fully insured and registered with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

Since then, we have been developing lines of all natural herbal extractions. Using small batch formulations and TIME to bring the full extent of nature’s bounty.

All our ever-increasing lines of tinctures are triple extracted, with a proprietary method using 2 rounds of alcohol and 1 round of water. All tinctures contain less than 30% alcohol.

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