Long Horn Coffee Co

Twice the Caffeine in a Robust, Delicious Coffee Blend

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Twice the caffeine in a robust, delicious blend from Long Horn Coffee Company!

Welcome to Long*Horn Coffee, home of the High Caffeine coffee Snakebite Blend! We are a small batch roast company located in San Angelo, Texas. We are Veteran owned and operated and have been roasting for over 20 years. Our Arabica / Robusta coffee beans are freshly roasted 14 lbs at a time. We offer multiple blends, including our “SnakeBite,” which has 2X the Caffeine! 

"Twice the caffeine in a robust, delicious blend from Long*Horn Coffee Company!" Our roasting process ensures a full-flavor, low-acid coffee. We have light, medium and dark blends, a Swiss water processed decaf, and three spiced coffees in which we use high-grade, all-natural organic powdered spices.

No chemicals or artificial flavors are used at any time in our roasting, blending or packaging process.

Our hand-selected beans roasted and blended by U.S. Air Force Veteran Scott Deckers and his crew are sure to give you the best cup of coffee!

Our online store offers roast coffee beans, ground coffee, k-cups and gifts, all made right in the heart of Texas. If you are ever in San Angelo, Texas, make sure to stop in, try a cup and say hello!