Natural Touch Tool

Natural Touch Tool

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Soothe pain related to injury, numerous conditions, or just for post-exercise recovery with The Natural Touch Tool!

The Natural Touch Tool The Natural Touch Tool is a device that helps to soothe pain and relieve tension in soft tissue, ligaments, muscles, and scar tissue. The Natural Touch Tool is excellent for use after strenuous activity by caretakers or professionals. It has been scientifically proven that using a device of this type will increase the blood flow to that area, in return helping in the relaxation of muscles and reducing pain. It can be used on the entire body. Currently, they are used by people with Plantar Fasciitis, Duptreyen's Contracture, Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, and many other muscle and joint issues. It is a great tool for muscle recovery after an extreme workout! This tool is in the hands of individuals, caretakers, athletes, chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, and personal trainers.
The Natural Touch Tool
The Natural Touch Tool is designed to fit your hand ergonomically. It can be held in numerous positions. Both ends and the edges can be used to help soothe your pain away. The color in the pictures may vary slightly from the finished product. This tool is made of FDA-approved plastic, has a lifetime warranty from breaking, and is easily cleaned with soap and warm water. There is a Design Patent (US D946,163 S) on this device.

Please consult a Physician before using this device if you have an actual injury that has not been treated. This product does not cure and is not with the intent to heal any injury or disease. It has not been approved by the FDA as a medical device and is not intended for the cure or prevention of any disease or health condition. If any pain, discomfort, or rash appears after using this device, discontinue using the device and consult your physician.

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