Premium Dakota Beef

Locally Raised & Locally Processed Beef

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Meats - Beef Jerky
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Premium Dakota Beef is a 500-acre farm established in 1947 by our grandparents located north of Goodwin, S.D. "Mack Farms" originally started as a small dairy farm. The farm has been passed down from Grandfather to grandson. Mack dairy farm has stayed in the family for three generations, and as of 2005, we purchased the farm from my father. In 2009, we decided to retire from the dairy operation. We sold off the farm's dairy operation side, and a decision to focus on beef production started. After switching to non-GMO corn, we learned to model the farm in nature's image. From here, we saw the cattle's health improve, along with a change in farm management and how we would do things. In 2012, Premium Dakota Beef would be the new name for Mack Farms, with the purchase of our first full-blood Japanese Wagyu bull to capitalize on the Wagyu beef market. Premium Dakota Beef would be high-quality, prime-grade, locally raised beef in South Dakota. This alone would provide our community with the first of its kind in Wagyu beef. Premium Dakota Beef now offers nutrient-dense protein for my family and our community.

Our beef is locally raised and locally processed at a USDA Certified family-owned butcher shop. Our buttery-flavored Wagyu beef is dry-aged for 21 days, hand-cut, and packaged individually. Our beef is singly packaged, making it easy to customize beef bundles to your liking and cooking needs. We ship to the lower 48 states every Tuesday directly from our farm.

We are honored to be selected to have our Wagyu beef in three local restaurants and two other local businesses. We work closely with our local butcher, businesses, and customers to provide the best wagyu cuts each and every time.

We look forward to working with you to provide your family with high-quality 100% beef grown in the USA.