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Butcher Boxes
Rocking R Beef is family-owned and operated, bringing our beef to your doorstep. We want to make it easy for you to shop Direct from a Rancher! Let us do the work while you enjoy a beautiful meal with your family. We offer Ranch Butcher Boxes, Individuals Cuts, Beef Shares, and Subscription Plans. The Reardon Family has a passion for raising cattle in the traditional western lifestyle in the mountains of Colorado.

BORN and RAISED in Colorado High Country. Our High-Altitude Red Angus cattle are pasture-raised, with plentiful pure Colorado spring water and clean mountain air. Our goal is to provide unmatched FLAVOR and TENDERNESS for our customers. So, when customers buy beef produced from our cattle operation, the quality of their beef is second to none!

Our cattle operation is 100% sustainable. We grow our own pasture grass, raise our own hay, and provide pure and clean water directly from snowmelt arising from springs and streams on or adjacent to our farm and ranch. We consider ourselves stewards of the land and are proud to be able to provide an exceptionally pure and clean environment for our cows. We feel that this is directly reflected in the quality of our beef.