Proudly I Stand

Patriotic Rhinestone & Printed Apparel

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Patriotic Apparel for Men & Women
Commitment to our Country and our Flag

Patriotic rhinestone and printed apparel from Proudly We Stand! Our company was founded on our love for our Country, our Flag, and the brave men and women who have given their all for our freedoms. The moment athletes began to disrespect their sacrifices, our flag, and our country, we felt compelled to make our own statement about how we felt for our flag, our fallen, and our country!


Custom Rhinestone and Printed Tees and Sportswear

Our beautiful, exclusive custom designed patriotic rhinestone pieces are a work of art you will wear with pride, and our men's printed tees with such vibrant colors wash and wear like a dream. Our patriotic sportswear will get you raves and compliments wherever you go.