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Quilt Patterns More


Beautifully handcrafted quilts from Quilt Patterns More!

Beautifully handcrafted quilts from Quilt Patterns More I grew up in Northeast Ohio and have been sewing since elementary school. I have enjoyed sewing all my life; I made most of my clothes during my working days in corporate America. In 2000 I started quilting. Since then, I’ve been designing and making quilts and patterns. My specialty is designing lighthouse quilt block patterns. Lighthouses are a favorite since I lived and traveled onboard my boat for 12 years. I now have over 140 lighthouse quilt patterns for sale on my website.
Beautifully handcrafted quilts from Quilt Patterns More
When boating days came to a close, I bought a longarm quilting machine. My business has evolved into making quilt patterns, art quilts, and custom quilts. My patterns include lighthouses, mountain scenes, wildflowers, landscapes, candy cupboards, fruit and veggie cupboards, and more. Total quilt patterns as of today is around 175.

My quilts get displayed at quilt shows around the country.

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