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Freshly Roasted & Specialty-Grade Coffee

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Specialty-grade coffee from veteran-owned Straight Shooter Coffee!

Straight Shooter Coffee is a veteran-owned, patriot company. All of our coffees are Specialty Grade and roasted on demand. Freshness counts, so we never roast until you order. We are honored to be a member of the Specialty Coffee Association and will always adhere to the association's goals and objectives in providing only the highest quality coffees available.

You will find single origins, blends, organics, and even a decaf that is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process and never chemical processes. You will also find flavored coffees like no other. All flavored coffees begin with a Specialty Grade single-origin coffee, freshly roasted when ordered and flavored while still warm using only all-natural flavoring.

Every item purchased at Straight Shooter Coffee provides funding for the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation to fund scholarships for the children of our military heroes. They gave their lives for our freedom. All gave some, some gave all, and we will never forget our brothers and sisters who made that sacrifice, nor the families they left behind.