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Self-Defense Keychains - Gun Accessories - Holsters/Cases - Stun Guns - Pepper Spray/Mace - Batons/Kubatons - Survival Food
Top Protection Products was formed out of a strong desire and passion for keeping people safe. We are experienced police officers who have spent their careers keeping people safe and protected. Top Protection Products was formed because they saw that there was a great demand for safety and self-defense products. However, there were many products that were ineffective. Additionally, there were many companies that had very little knowledge of the products that they were selling.

We have over 30 years of law enforcement experience and are still active police officers. We are law enforcement instructors and teach police officers about many of the products that they offer. Finally, they have had to use many of these products to keep communities safe from dangerous criminals. Our experience and expert knowledge mean that they only select products that they know will be effective. We believe in empowering people with the knowledge necessary to protect themselves and their loved ones. That is why every purchase comes with an instructional video to provide customers with the knowledge needed to use our products and stay safe and protected.