Unveiling the Garden of Eden by Michelle J. Kennedy

Must-Read Book For Anyone Feeling Run Down & Anxious

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The power of God's word has never been more evident than in Michelle J. Kennedy's Unveiling the Garden of Eden!

This book is a must-read for any of you feeling run down, anxious, or unsure of life, and you just need a major boost of encouragement in your faith and in understanding God and His crazy love for you! This book will lift your spirits and reveal new, very interesting information about the Garden of Eden, the place where God created man and woman for the first time! It is a place that should not be overlooked or misunderstood. Learn about the power of the words coming out of your mouth and hear personal testimony from me on how I ended 10 years of physical pain without medication but God's conviction!

Enter into a fresh understanding of who you are, where you came from, and what God intends for you--and what He does not! Stop living inside the lies and the veil of untruths that the world has you trapped underneath, and step back inside the precious Garden of Eden that awaits you and was designed for you Learn to uncover God's massive love and plan for you, and His desire to bring goodness and life to all parts of living. This book is a MUST-read - I promise! Also, check out my website for incredible podcasts I am a part of that are equally encouraging and transparent!