The Christmas Cocktail Piano Box

Piano Music to Make Your Holidays Relaxing, Special & Bright

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The Christmas Cocktail Piano Box is a very special set of "Charlie Brown Christmas" styled piano albums for your new Christmas tradition. Solo, light jazz piano, conveniently available on CD, digitally, or streaming.

Turn off the radio and the same music playing in the mall, and in the car, and everywhere else...over and over. Add just a touch of "upscale luxury" to your home and family life for the Christmas holidays! A little light cocktail jazz piano of all the season's classic favorites will certainly add something familiar, yet fresh and new, to not only this year's festivities, but also, your warm family traditions for years to come.

Delivered as a six album box set or, as a bi-monthly subscription for people who love Christmas year round. All albums also available for individual purchase, and, as gift purchases. All original arrangements by Dave Cornwall, Jazz Piano and available through major retailers.

Customer Reviews -

"It's perfect! Christmas music for different holiday moods! Each musical number is beautiful. They sound amazing and really set the tone for Christmas parties or if you just need some Christmas nostalgia. Really lovely. " - Kim B.

"Personally I think this is the perfect way to relax at home throughout the holidays...the variety of songs makes sure that there is something for everyone to enjoy." - Asheli G.