Whispering Prayer Jewelry

Handmade Faith-Based Jewelry

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Beautifully handcrafted bracelets with a Christ-centered mission from Whispering Prayer!

Whispering Prayer is a faith-based company that spreads love and prayer through handmade bracelets. Our hope is that wearing our designs will be a daily reminder that you are covered in God's love and our Whispered Prayer.

It is our mission to create a Christ-centered mindset for you on your continuous journey through life. Let us wrap ourselves in prayer and give the gift of prayer to others so that we will stand together, hand in hand, spreading God's love and great acts of kindness.

We believe that our bracelets carry deep meaning to everyone who wears them. We take great pride in praying over each one individually. We have a special area where we pray over each bracelet the serenity prayer, a devotion, and our personal prayer:

"With each bead I string, my thoughts are meant for you. When the knot is tied, may my whispered prayer see you through."

Our promise to you is that you can trust that we will always take the time to pray for you in hopes that these prayers offer comfort, guidance and support to everyone that wears a Whispering Prayer bracelet.

Whispering Prayer Jewelry has been a blessing in my life and my passion is to pass on this blessing. Because God has blessed us, our goal is to extend this blessing to nonprofits like Pink Ribbon Girls, Sandy Hook Promise, and Special Olympics through Toledo Public Schools. Whispering Prayer Jewelry is excited to share this gift with you!

Yours in Prayer,

- Kelly Clark