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Lolli and Pop Shoppe


Lolli and Pop Shoppe is a veteran spouse owned, and operated business located in a small beach town on the coast of Delaware.

My love for herbal skincare and holistic wellness grew out of a need my husband had when he was injured overseas. Left with severe neuropathy after multiple spinal surgeries, we started looking for alternatives to big pharma. I created Nerve Pain Salve to reduce his pain and discomfort, and it is now one of my best sellers, with many repeat customers! My love grew into my passion for learning about herbs and their medicinal qualities. I am constantly learning and creating new products to better serve the veteran community and families like yours.

Along with my many therapeutic products, I also have herbal skincare and holistic wellness for your whole family. I welcome custom orders and look forward to working with new you on your natural skincare and holistic wellness journey. You can trust that what I make is all natural, safe, and effective for you and your family.

From my kitchen to your home.
Much love - Brandi

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