Michel Keck LLC

Mixed Media Artwork from Conservative Christian Artist Michel Keck

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Fine Art Prints on Canvas
My name is Michel Keck, I am a female abstract/mixed media artist with a strong conservative voice and a Christian heart. I work in a wide variety of styles and mediums; moody abstracts, scripture and cross paintings, intricate circle drawings, collage works and more. My works are heavily influenced by scripture, nature and music.

Michel Keck LLC sells both my original art and fine art prints. All of my original paintings and mixed media works are one-of-a-kind, painted and created by hand and artist-signed. My entire line of fine art prints are available on canvas, metal, wood and acrylic and are all printed here in the USA and are "sweatshop" free. Sadly, my art business faces a constant onslaught from Chinese counterfeiters so I truly appreciate the kind and caring individuals who purchase direct from the artist, who support original art and who refuse to support counterfeit goods.

I am grateful to serve the Mammoth Nation community with 20% off my entire line of fine art prints and 25% off all of my original creations. I welcome you to my Keck collector family! When you support my art, you also help support me in giving back.

I donate a portion of my proceeds each year to many different charities, including ones that help our service members, veterans and first responders and their families.